The DMCA Rulemaking and Digital Legal Vernaculars

  • Olivia G Conti University of Wisconsin-Madison
Keywords: DMCA, vernacular, law, rhetoric, rulemaking


In this paper, I examine at the DMCA rulemaking as a venue for the development and exhibition of vernacular legal expertise. a process by which everyday people—those outside of legal and lawmaking roles—gain legal knowledge in specific areas. The DMCA rulemaking process is a venue for individuals to collaboratively share and shape their vision for a fairer intellectual property regime. However, the rulemaking process also reveals a complicated vision of digital citizenship, where individuals argue for rights that are linked to a U.S. framework while simultaneously envisioning themselves as sovereign digital citizens.
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Conti, O. G. (2016). The DMCA Rulemaking and Digital Legal Vernaculars. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research, 6.
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