Information For Readers

Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidadesor REGSis the official journal published by the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH). AILCFH’s presence is notable in the United States, Latin America, Canada and other countries in Europe and Asia.

In two volumes per year, REGS, commits to endorsing literary, film and other artistic endeavors by female writers, filmmakers and artists from Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Luso-Brazilian and US-latinas. In doing so, REGS disseminates original texts on gender studies and feminisms. The published articles convey different disciplinary and methodological approaches. Each number of the journal includes a section dedicated towards creative writing that spreads the otherwise unpublished works of Spanish-speaking writers, poets, and playwrights from different parts of the world (or translated works of non-Spanish speaking writers). Also, every number includes an extensive review section on the most recent critical and creative publications of relevance to the journal’s interest.

The volume published in the fall-winter is not thematically bound by a single subject. Those published in the summer deal with specific topics or approaches and are handled by one or more guest-editors – these are selected by the Editor-in-chief together with the AILCFH Directors.