AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research


Selected Papers of Internet Research (SPIR) is the open access online collection of papers presented at the annual international conferences of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR).

Previously known as IR, AoIR conferences date back to IR 1.0, held in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2000.

SPIR was launched at IR 12.0, in 2011.

Submission and Publication Policies

Papers included in SPIR have been approved for presentation during AoIR conferences, on the basis of multiple blind peer-review.

Selection procedures are coordinated and overseen by the Program Chair(s) of each AoIR conference.

Copyright Issues

By submitting to SPIR, authors acknowledge sole responsibility for copyright issues.

AoIR, Conference Organization Committees, and SPIR Editorial Committee are not liable for the content of any paper.

Authors retain copyright of papers submitted to SPIR, and grant the publication a non-exclusive right to reproduce their papers on the web.